eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
Application eicSys works as supplier for Research Institutes and Branches like: Industrial Automation Measurement and Instruments Transportation Aerospace and Defence
Research Institutes eicSys   is   collaboration   partner   for   DESY   and   Cern   with   MTCA.4 and   ATCA   products.   The   most   applications   are   control   systems and   data   read   out   systems. The   systems   have   been   full   equipped and tested according to customer requirements.
Transportation Rugged   systems   like   VPX   or   transportation   released   CPCI   form factors   are   available   as   well   as   single   board   computer   systems like    embedded    pc´s    in    small    form    factors    with    certification    if requested.
Aerospace and Defence The   integration   team   of   eicsys   is   following   the   design   rules for   aerospace   and   defences   applications   in   the   range   of   MIL standards,     UL,     CSA     and     EN     certifications.     For     new developments,   and   integration   jobs   eicSys   provides   also   SoC design rules.
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