eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
Pattern   placement,   pilot   series   and   small   series   eicSys   provide   as   well   as   large   scale   production   up   to   5000   pcs.   per production lot.

EMS service

eicSys provide electronic manufacturing service

eicSys GmbH Impressum   AGB Copyright 2015 ATCA advancedtca MTCA microtca PXI pxie pxi express vpx open vpx compactpci compact pci fmc ComExpress network based electronic systems
eicSys production process: SMT, components in range from size 0201 THT, pressfit technology RoHS conform soldering, customized lead soldering on request AOI inspection inline

Packaging shapes and dimensions:

Rods and surface magazines all components in belts from 0201 max. IC edge length 100 mm Fine Pitch 0.4mm µBGA, ball grid arrays (BGA) Quad Flat Package (QFP) PCB 55 x 55 mm to 460 x 460 mm Platinum thickness 0.8 mm to 3.5 mm both side SMD assembly
Assembly inspection Our production is ISO 9001/2008 certified. We provide different test procedures according to your requirements.
eicSys test service: Selection of test procedure Implementation of defined testing concept Fixture construction and programming Automatical Optical Inspection (AOI) In-circuit test (ICT) Electrical test and functional test Device programming High voltage test Flying probe test Boundary-scan Temperature and climate test Customized special test
eicSys soldering process: reflow technology thermal flow technology vapor phase systems
Electronic   manufacturing   service   is   our   offer   for   all   customer   with   own   board   development.   eicSys   is   offering   it’s   own high   quality   board   production   to   the   market.   From   circuit      diagram   to   fully   tested   assembled   boards   with   firmware development eicSys provide full service. The   EMS   optionally   include   pure   assembly   output   with   supplied   circuit   boards   and   components   or   the   complete procurement including PCB’s.