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On request the micro tca system could be equiped with a redundant AC power supply.
eicSys GmbH offer customized software/firmware solutions.
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Designed by  eicSys GmbH
General Description: 6-slot chassis The 6-slot MTCA.4 chassis could be used as laboratory system.  Features: Compliant with MicroTCA.4, R1.0 Spec. Hight 6 U, Depth 375 mm 6 single/double width, mid-size AMC slots 6 RTM slots Airflow bottom /top supports one MCH double/single module - full size cooling unit with IPMI support switched GbE on Ports 0 and 1 switched Fat Pipe direct SATA / SAS-connections direct lines between ports 12 to 15 terminated bussed connections on ports 17 to 20 12-slot chassis The 12-slot MTCA.4 19” rackmount chassis is prepared for controlsystems, as well as for data aquisition. There are 12 slots compliant  with MTCA.4 specification, RTM slots and optional redundant power Features:   Hight: 9 U, Depth 402 mm     optional with DESY LLRF-backplane available     12 single/double mid-size AMC slots     12 uRTM-slots     airflow: bottom/top to rear     supports1, 1,5 oder 2 MCH double/single modules/full size     cooling unit connected to IPMI     switched GbE on Ports 0 and 1     switched fat pipe     direct S-ATA/SAS-connections    direct lines between ports 12 to15     terminated bussed connections between ports 17 to 20
ECH-2S-1U - 1U, 2-slot MTCA.4 system General Description: The   2-slot   MTCA.4   DAQ   system   is   ready   to   be   used as   data   acquisition   system.   The   system   is      offered with    different    sets    of    boards    and    test        software package including compiled firmware, Linux       drivers       and       EPICS/DOOCS/GAMMA         interface. There   are   2   slots   compliant      with      MTCA.4 specification    and    one    AMC    1    single    or        double width. Typical application: Beam diagnostic Test equipment Industrial Automation
2 Slot 1U MTCA chassis General Description The   2-slot   MTCA.4   1U   chassis   is   ready   to   use   as data    acquisition    system.    The    system    is    prepared with   two   MTCA.4   AMC   slots   and   2   MTCA.4   RTM slots. The   chassis   has   a   MTCA.0   slot   for   using   a   CPU, single width or double width. There is further a management   board   fixed   installed.   It   is   necessary   to configure    the    order    code    at    first    for    preinstalled PCIe, Timing and/or GBEth management.
MTCA.4 slots: AMC 1 AMC 2 RTM 1 RTM 2 MTCA.0 slot: AMC 3 Crate management: Standard configuration: 1GB Ethernet      PCIe Gen.2 x4 switch      Clock distribution Clock distribution: module support external timing interface (trigger, clock) connected via data lines on ports 17 to 20
6 slot 2U MTCA chassis General Description The   6-slot   MTCA.4   2U   chassis   is   ready   to   use   as laboratory   evaluation   system   in   case   of   noiseless fans   and   flexible   fantray   configuration.   The   system is    prepared    with    four    MTCA.4   AMC    slots    and    4 MTCA.4 RTM slots. The   chassis   has   a   plugable   power   supply   with   600 watts   and   could   be   managed   by   a   plugable   MCH like    NAT-Phys.    The    system    is    also    prepared    to install   a   four   slot   RF   backplane   behind   the   MTCA.4 slots.   The   system   has   additional   two   double   width, mid size MTCA.0 slots.
MTCA.4 slots: AMC 1 RTM 1 AMC 2 RTM 2 AMC 3 RTM 3 AMC 4 RTM 4 MTCA.0 slot: AMC 5 AMC 6 Crate management: MCH plugable NAT-PHYS Elma MTCA.4 MCH Fan tray: Exchangeable fan cartridge with air flow from front to left or from right to left Power : plugable power supply 600 Watt
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two fantrays for cooling from: 1. right to left 2. front to left