eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
Chassis eicsys works with 19” Chassis designed by Elma electronic GmbH Processor Boards Most   of   the   time   the   processor   boards   are used   from   Adlink.   But   is   is   in   depend   of customer needs Firmware One   of   the   USP´s   from   eicSys   is,   that   the UniDAQ    Firmware    could    be    used    in    all Plattforms   seems   like   ATCA,   MTCA,   PXIe and   VPX.   But   it´s   a   precondition   that   all FPGA´s are similar.


eicSys is serving a wide Range of Boards for PXIe Platforms

compatible to all other Suppliers

Designed and powered by:
Designed and powered by:
eicSys GmbH Impressum   AGB Copyright 2015 ATCA advancedtca MTCA microtca PXI pxie pxi express vpx open vpx compactpci compact pci fmc ComExpress network based electronic systems
I/O Boards eicSys      offers      all      PXIe      Boards      from Signadyne   with   or   without   integration.   With single    board    box    or    fit    to    plug    in    a    19” System. FPGA Boards FPGA   boards   will   be   offered   as      customized projects.   In   depend   of   requested   functions. All     Signadyne     products     have     the     'F' counterpart,     which     allows     the     user     to program    the    onboard        FPGA    in    VHDL, Verilog or  MATLAB/Simulink.