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UniDAQ Firmware Package: The FPGA firmware package dedicated for data acquisition ADC boards provides a full support for board components/peripherals, communication channels and acquisition procedures. It separates user application from hardware functions using abstraction layer. It creates the possibility to easiliy implement the same application into different hardware platforms.
Firmware The    firmware    implements    the    modules    for    peripheral handling     (ADC...),     communication     interfaces     (PCIe, ETH...)   and   other   board   related   modules.   It   also   contains dedicated place for user modules (applications). Driver The     driver     is     responsible     for     interactions     with     the firmware.    It    provides    hardware    independent    interface using IOCTL functions for upper layers of the framework. Library The   layer   cotains   implementation   of   various   supporting functions    and    procedures,    which    simplify    access    to framework features Control system The   layer   contains   implementation   of   classes,   functions and   drivers   for   Control   Systems   such   as   EPICS,   DOOCS, GAMMA, etc.
Special applications – modules for LLRF     I-Q measurements from any IF/sampling freq ratio or direct sampling of raw data     A-P recalculation (low latency or low resource usage)     Filtering (IIR,FIR, etc.)     System Generator wrapper blocks for user extension of functionality     PID controllers - pipelined or lightweight     non-linearity correctors Special applications – modules for ITER     Pulse discrimination algorithm – specialized module which processes signals from detector to measure neutron flux.     Support for dedicated RTM7201 – extension of the framework to support specialized switching amplifier RTM7201 on a firmware/driver level The framework can be extended on demand to support custom peripherals and hardware.
The package supports the following boards:
Firmware Package
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Driver Library Development; middleware integration Mathlab, Labview programming
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eicSys offers various software and firmware services including specification, implementation and support of modules, The offer range from general hardware support modules up to specialized communication or algorithm execution modules. The solution are either integrated into existing products or provided as stand-alone IP cores.