eicSys GmbH Embedded Integrated Control Systems
Rugged chassis eicSys    is    working    in    collaboration    with Elma   Electronic   to   design   and   manufacture Chassis     for     all     plattforms     in     rugged Versions   according   to   MIL   and   Aerospace Standards. Backplanes The    backplane    designs    are    following    the VITA   Standards   for   VPX,   open   VPX,   VPX REDI and all kind of hybrids. Processor Boards For    system    integration,    eicSys    is    using CPU      boards      according      to      customer requirements.    All    integrated    systems    are tested   in   form,   fit   and   function   for   all   high performance applications

VITA® Standards, COMExpress®

eicSys integrate a wide range of customized VITA VPX systems and

SFF chassis with COMExpress boards or other PCI form factors

eicSys GmbH Impressum   AGB Copyright 2015 ATCA advancedtca MTCA microtca PXI pxie pxi express vpx open vpx compactpci compact pci fmc ComExpress network based electronic systems
I/O boards the   wide   range   of   I/O   boards   from   all   vendors are    supplemented    by    own    developed    FPGA boards in form of FMC´s or baseboards. Firmware eicSys   develops   firmware,   drivers,      libraries   and control   systems   for   all   form   factors.   High   security firmware     for     special     applications     could     be developed as required. Integration Most    of    the    time    eicSys    is    integrating    VPX systems   according   to   custom   requirements   with 3rd. Party boards and chassis